The question:

Were there any “good” wars in US history? Wouldn’t the American War of Independence, the Civil War, or WW2 qualify?

The answer:

The War of Independence was fought over a far less grievous sort of tyranny than that which people in the US face today. Any tyranny can be justifiably resisted, so this fact alone does not make this an unjust war. However, as with any war, you basically had collateral damage and war socialism going on. Not to mention that the vision of the Revolution was later co-opted by the Federalists who decided to throw away the Articles of Confederation (a fairly innocuous document; little more than a peace treaty between the colonies) in favor of the Constitution (which created a central government that was every bit as much tyrannical as the one seceded from in Britain).

As for the US Civil War, that depends on whether you think freeing millions of slaves (which was not Lincoln’s goal in the first place; his goal was to preserve the tyrannical Union by any means necessary) is worth the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, especially when 99% of all the other slave-holding nations had abolished that horrid institution through entirely peaceful means.

WW2 was pointless for the US to get involved in. The Russians had the Germans basically licked by 1943, well before any serious US operations got under way. Besides it wasn’t even “our” fight. Germany declared war on the US because the US declared war on their ally Japan. The US declared war on Japan because of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Japan bombed Pearl Harbor because the US was basically using economic terrorism against them. And all of this is to speak nothing of the adverse societal and economic effects the war had on the US and the world (I can list a number of these things if needed) in the years and decades that followed (and arguably are still with us today).

Of course, World War One must sometimes be dealt with as well, but it’s hard to take seriously anyone who honestly thinks the Kaiser posed even a modest threat to the US, and even harder to take seriously a person who thinks the US should have gotten into that war whether or not he was a threat to the country, that is, so that it might promote democracy around the world rather than just defend it’s borders and it’s people.

[Originally published at The Libertarian Liquidationist]