Obama is a pretty lousy president. Easily in the worst 50% of all US presidents. Some even say he is the absolute worst.

He’s got Benghazi. He’s got Fast and Furious. He’s got ObamaCare. He’s got the bombing of Libya. He’s got the arming of Syrian rebels. He’s got quantitative easing under Bernanke. He’s got the stimulus. He’s got his socialistic background. He’s a narcissist. No doubt I’m missing a few facts about him. And all of them are awful, I’m sure.

That’s interesting, but sorry. I can still think of worse presidents.

Like the guy responsible for the deaths of 600,000 (that’s the old estimate that has since been revised upward to 850,000) of his fellow Americans, a draft, bullying the Supreme Court, exiling of opponents, Union-busting, racism, a false flag attack, voter fraud, suppression of free speech, indefinite detention, and acts of terrorism against his fellow-countrymen. Lincoln was way worse than Obama.

Or the guy who got us into a world war that had nothing to do with us, leading to a worse-than-the-original Federal Reserve (via the Liberty Bond Act, which fundamentally amended the relatively innocuous original charter; as well as via exchange imbalances resulting from World War One, which resulted in an end to the gold standard that finally culminated with the 1971 Nixon Shock), a new military-industrial complex, two depressions (1920-1921 and 1929-1945, although Churchill’s policies as Chancellor of the Exchequer were also partly to blame for the latter), the blatant suppression of free speech, involuntary servitude in the form of a draft, and the set of entangling alliances that got us into another world war. Wilson was way worse than Obama.

Or the guy who prolonged (with help from his predecessor Hoover, who was anything but laissez-faire) a depression by a factor of ten, aided and abetted one of the worst dictators in history (Stalin), and whose arrogance and machinations dragged us into a world war, who re-instituted the draft, got the ball rolling on nuclear weapons, detained an entire ethnic demographic on the pretext of security (the Japanese-Americans, although some German- and Italian-Americans were also detained), traded Eastern Europe and parts of Eastern Asia to the Soviets and Red Chinese for more than a generation, and set the stage for the economic disruptions of the next several decades (likely including ones in the future). Roosevelt was way worse than Obama.

There are at least a few others worse than Obama. Truman and Johnson and W. Bush come readily to mind. But describing the actions of just the most obvious ones should do for now.

Having said all this, Obama may still be the most arrogant and pathologically dishonest president we’ve ever had. I’ll give his critics that possibility. But that’s not quite the same as being the worst.

[image credits: my own creation from various historical public domain sources]