Friday night on the way to a show the red and blues that nobody wants to see flash behind them lit up my rear view mirror like the 4th of July. I veer off the road into a shopping center and abruptly pull over. My friend hands me my registration from the glove compartment so I couple that with my driver’s license and concealed weapons permit to hold all three out of the window.

A man in an ugly brown uniform walks up to my car to grab the bundle of documents and seconds later he draws his gun from his holster and the barrel of a glock is pointed at my forehead, a flashlight attached to it shines in my eyes making it hard to see.

Me: (My hands as high as they can be inside of a Honda) Whoa Whoa relax, it’s on me.
Me: On my body
(I do).

He takes the gun and walks back to his car behind me with all my stuff. Shortly after, three more police cars arrive. Two of them park behind me and one parks in front of me. Now he’s coming back and terror doesn’t begin to describe the feeling myself and the four others in the car are experiencing. Having a gun pointed at us by someone we can’t legally do anything to in response makes your stomach react all sorts of ways. Helplessness has saturated the air in the car.

Pig: Why did you take a stop sign and why were you speeding back there? (In an obvious attempt to unlock a self-incrimination from me)
Me: ..Silence..
Me: ..Silence..
Me: ..Silence..
Me: Officer, I’m not playing any games but I know my rights and I don’t have to answer those questions.
-Reaches into my window and unlocks the door and pulls it open- (Illegal)
I step out.

He puts me up against my car and pats me down, allowing him to reach far up enough to feel my nuts (probably his favorite part of the job) “Anything on you I should know about”? No, I respond while thinking to myself that there isn’t a damn thing on me or near me or anywhere I have ever been that he needs to know about.

Then all of a sudden he’s yanking my wrists behind my back and putting them in handcuffs.


I should have known better and not expected anything other than this by now but still, I didn’t believe what was happening and it was totally surreal to me.

Me: Are you serious, you’re really arresting me for taking a stop sign?
Pig: Yes (While shoving me into the back of the patty wagon).
Me: Why are you giving me a hard time, I’m not a bad guy, we’re just going to a concert and we’re late.
Pig: Oh yeah? Who the fuck goes to concert with a loaded gun? Gimme a fucking break
Me: I’m not at a concert, I’m in my car.
Pig: Where is the concert?
Me: Little Haiti.
Pig: OH so you’re gonna go to a high robbery area and risk someone seeing you take your gun out and putting it in your glove compartment and then breaking into your car to get it?

By this point I had already had enough time to realize from here to the moon why this guy chose to be a police officer as his profession….because he was too stupid and or emotionally unstable to work as anything other than a knuckle-dragging arrest machine and revenue generator for the state. In short, he was a barbarian. An animal.

Arrested again. This time equally if not more ridiculous than the last. Let’s re-examine, shall we? I was driving my vehicle at a rate of miles per hour that which was deemed to be too high by the “authorities” so I was signaled by bright red and blue lights to drive off the road where a gun was pointed at my face, mind you with his finger on the trigger and only a sneeze away from killing me; Then, since I chose not to talk to this person who thought it was fine to point a gun at my face even though I had no legal obligation to do so, he found it in his will to kidnap me using restrictive circular metal devices around my wrists that left welts for days and drive me to a place where I was placed in a cage.

This cage is where crimes such as assault, attempted murder, murder, and rape happen more frequently than anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere.

It must have really hurt his feelings that someone didn’t feel like talking to him. Now I owe him and the cage facility money. Apparently, it is for the services they provided me. Thank you sir, may I have another?

If you believe this is justice, hang your head.

20 modest hours was not bad. It was less than last time but that’s because I was bailed out. $500 and a 6 hour wait time punishment for the person who just wanted to see their loved one out of barbarian custody. 20 hours without food or temperatures that felt above 60 degrees but plenty of screaming, banging against walls, smells of sewers, being pushed around and barked at by more pathetic souls in dumb uniforms who take pleasure in the anguish of others, sleeplessness, and the company of people you don’t want the company of. Do you doubt that there were better ways I could have spent those 20 hours?

…for taking a stop sign.

Of course the fabricated official affidavit report goes way further than that. Speeding or taking a stop sign aren’t close to enough. I also took an additional stop sign, was swerving in and out of lanes, was going 25 mph over the speed limit, and was cutting off not one but two other drivers with clear criminal intent and a blatant disregard for their safety. Right. Glad I remembered that part during the writing of this section, needed the comic relief.

Is it not clear by now that the police are a gang? The police are the biggest gang. The structure is the same, albeit more organized. They engage in: theft, human trafficking, murder, kidnapping, extortion, drug as well as firearms sales, battery, stalking…etc. etc. Like other gangs, they are more prominent in larger cities. Their jurisdiction or turf is limited to a certain geographical area and it runs out when the next gang’s starts. The structure of a police department is completely parallel to that of a gang. There are leaders and lower members.

The latter are forced to pursue the least desirable initiatives, like policing the most dangerous neighborhoods. There are standards that must be held up and examples to be made of people. You will also be laid off or kicked out of the gang if your numbers don’t show up in the form of arrests or tickets handed out (how else can they monitor efficiency if not by the amount of people you make your victim over a certain period of time?) It is in their interest for there to be more crime, more criminals, and more new laws making new criminals. It is job security. We couldn’t let some areas become too docile now could we? Then they wouldn’t be needed and would actually have to find more productive jobs, like dropping potatoes in oil at McDonald’s.

The first myth I want to dispel completely out of the minds of everyone is that they work for us. They don’t. They DO NOT. The Police do not exist to serve and protect anyone, except the state itself and its interests. It’s extremely rare to see someone beat up the person they work for, but in the land of the tooth fairy where cops “work for us” it is the protocol. We are NOT their constituents, customers, the people they look out for, the people who pay them, none of that. We are their subjects.

In fact, the following non-exhaustive list of court cases decided they have no obligation whatsoever to protect you or even respond to your calls for help even in the event of a life-threatening situation: Hartzler v. City of San JoseRiss v. New YorkWarren v. District of ColumbiaDeshaney v. Winnebago County Department of Social ServicesBalisteri v. Pacifica Police Department. Some of the above cases even guarantee that the police are supposed to provide a higher protection to suspected criminals in custody than to would-be victims of the public.

You are a walking case of naiveté if you believe you have the right to any protection from the pigs. So if their job is not to protect us then why are we forced to pay them? Why do they even exist?

The cops are law enforcement. They protect the laws, not the people. Do the laws protect the people? Definitely not all of them, probably not the vast majority of them either. One only needs to know what it takes for a bill to become a law to demonstrate how distant the process is from the interests of the mass citizenry and how little their opinions matter. Many laws are bad >> Cops enforce the laws =? You do the math.

Next, I want to address the notion of “but they’re just doing their job”!

So fucking what? So were the gestapo but that defense didn’t work out too well in Nuremburg, nor should it have. Most of the people who use this justification would nod their heads in agreement if you asked them whether or not beating people, kicking their doors in, spraying mace on students, asking strangers personal questions, caging people for growing vegetation or downloading songs were wrong or immoral.

Oh but voila! On comes the magic suit with matching hat, tacky boots, cyborg utility belt full of little gadgets to punish people and plastic badge and now all of a sudden all of these actions are somehow okay. They’re more than okay, they are the law! They are a “public service.” We obviously owe them for our safety after all.

If someone would commit these acts without the magic suit on they would be considered a psychopath. The blind authority follows next like a cat after a laser pen. People quiver in their presence. They speak differently, drive differently, they do everything differently. This is understandable of course. They don’t want to end up like me and who does?

Kiss the boot that rests upon your neck or pay up, that’s the way to get by. Make sure to kiss it enough so that your saliva makes it shiny, shiny enough to see the person in the reflection responsible for letting that happen to you.

Yes they are just doing their job. I am not contesting that. The question we must ask ourselves though is what kind of person would sign up for a job like this, with these job requirements? And why are we so accepting of the blatant psychopathy present in the list of qualifications needed? Are there not any other fucking jobs they can apply for?

I’m convinced it was those who were picked on growing up, or doing the picking on. The ones who salivate at the opportunity to be the one the teacher appoints to write the names of the students who were talking on the board, the snitches, the tattle-tales, the ones who were always in trouble for putting their hands on other kids, the busy bodies, bullies, the violent ones.

Retract what little respect is left for this horrid profession and this gang of criminals. If your friend wants to become a cop try to talk them out of it. If they don’t listen, cease to be their friend. Socially ostracize them. Ridicule them. Make those who think its okay to become one or even support them think twice. If you get stopped by one, film them. Put it on Youtube. Don’t be scared. They deserve it. Make them know if they act out that thousands will be able to see their ugly faces spouting lies about the laws they are supposed to uphold.

If you thought my story from the first couple of paragraphs was a nightmare, then take notice. If you thought the Hialeah Harlem shakedown was an outrageous debacle, then take notice. These were nothing in comparison to the other horror stories being reported everyday. I am not a martyr, not even close. But please listen to me when I say they’re out of control. Take away all their legitimacy. Speak out, and don’t stop. They will hear.

A C A B.

Originally published by Eric Faden at the Libertarian Liquidationist.